Dollar Tree Drawer Organizing

A desperate need to clean out and organize my drawers and cabinets combined with a quick trip to the local Dollar Tree resulted in some great looking drawers.  I am still in the process of getting them all organized but wanted to quickly show you a few so that you can see what you can accomplish by only spending a few dollars and a small amount of time cleaning. 

Here is a look at some of my Dollar Tree baskets and containers.

The possibilities are endless as to what you could use these small containers and baskets for.  I especially like them because they are the perfect height to fit in both our kitchen and bathroom drawers. 

First up - one of my kitchen utensil gadget drawers.  Previously everything was just thrown in there and you could barely even get it shut but now everything has a home. 

Now on to the bathroom.  My husbands drawer.

And then my makeup drawer.  I added 4 small containers to my drawer.  The red one holds foundation, compact powder, blush and bronzers.  The blue one houses all of my eyeliners, mascara, tweezers, tweezing mirror and lash curler.  The green one in the back holds eye shadows.  The long skinny green basket is the perfect size to hold all of my makeup brushes.  I have lipsticks, lip gloss and lip liners in the little black zipper pouch in the front (no more room for a container) and my loose powder and bronzers just sitting there in the front.

I am so excited (yes I am that big of a nerd) to be getting everything decluttered and organized in my home.  When all of your stuff has a home to live in it makes life much more enjoyable and peaceful!

Do you ever shop at Dollar Tree for containers to organize with?  If so, please share. 


  1. You are not a nerd ;) I too, love to organize and make things look neat and tidy.Decluttering is a lot of fun in my book!
    I'm stopping by from the Alabaster Jar!

  2. Nice job! I love seeing organized drawers :) I like the colors you picked, too!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  3. I love organizing too! I use silverware trays to store my makeup and brushes, toothpaste and toothbrushes etc., in.

    But I have bought some containers at the Dollar Store. I love them!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today! :)

  4. I love the idea of those storage containers in a drawer for makeup! I've just used a make up bag and it's starting to fall apart ha ha! Not very efficient either trying to shuffle through everything when you only need one or two items.

  5. This is an awesome idea! I will have to get some and do some organizing! Our drawers at home are scary to open sometimes. LOL.

    Hopped over from The Better Mom blog hop.

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2

  6. Have I every got organizing tools from the Dollar store?? The answer is what else don't I get from the Dollar Store. I get all types of containers and use them. My girls have containers for their nail polish and their scrapbooking stuff. I use them for my small office space, which I am often clearing out. But, with my house being so small, I organize to keep everything in its place and the area clear of clutter.

  7. Very inspiring post :) I have one or two, ok three or four drawers that could do with some attention like this.

  8. I am that big of a nerd that I get excited about this stuff, too! And I love that you utilized your Dollar Store finds for a very inexpensive organizational overhaul! Thanks for linking this post up last week at Walking Redeemed!

  9. Great idea! I've been wanting to get some baskets for organization but haven't really wanted to spend the money. I'm going to have to head to our dollar store.


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