Bible Verse Memorization

Today I wanted to take a moment to share with you the current method we are using to help us memorize bible verses.

I use 3x5 index cards to write the verses on but this new system keeps them better organized and also helps us memorize more because it uses a lot of repetition.

We now use the Charlotte Mason System for sorting and storing all of those index cards. If you click on the link above it will show you exactly what I am talking about. This link has a video on "how to", free printables, a verses list and written instructions on the system.

I place the note cards with Bible verses in various places that we see often throughout the house.  This one is hanging on the bulletin board in my kitchen.  I also have them hanging on bathroom mirrors.  As we go through out our days, the Word of God is right there in front of us to read over, quote and practice. 

You could adapt this system any way that you like or there are many other great methods out there to help you with your scripture memorization. 


Using Note Cards is just one of the many ways The Purposeful Mom shares about in her new eBook that is about to be released.

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  1. This system looks really neat, but a bit advanced for my household. I think I am going to hang one verse on the bathroom wall across from the potty (where to hang things you want guys to read!). This way my son will definitely see and memorize it~ worked for times tables!!!
    Thank you for motivating me!!!!!

    1. That is my goal and hope of my blog. To inspire, motivate and challenge by showing you what i do so you can adapt it to what you need. That is the beauty of it.


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