Praying Through a Child's Room

Week # 18

Praying Through a Child's Room

Between listening to my Pastor and reading Stormie's book I have learned the importance of praying through your child's room. 

Most of us are in and out of our children's rooms through the day anyway (if you're not then I firmly believe you should be) so why not while you are in there say a prayer for that child? 

The following are passages from Stormie's Book on the subject.  It would be hard to say it any better than she already did.
After talking about how her son Christopher had started having bad dreams at night, Stormie went into his room and prayed "  Lord, if there is anything in Christopher's room that shouldn't be here, show me", I prayed.  Immediately, I felt prompted to go to his computer and look at his games. 

There she found a game he had borrowed from a friend at church that looked innocent on the outside but in the back pages of the book she found the worst kind of satanic garbage. 

Every one's house needs a spiritual housecleaning from time to time, especially in the rooms where our children sleep and play. 

If your child is becoming fearful, rebellious, angry, depressed, distant, strange, a disciplinary problem, or having bad dreams and nightmares, sometimes simply praying through the room can change things quickly.  Singing Christian songs, hymns, and worship choruses in the room is also very effective, and I've seen a change of spirit in my children after I have done so.

When you pray through your child's room, remove anything that is not glorifying to God:  posters, books, magazines, pictures, photos, games, or articles of clothing depicting drug or alcohol use or any kind of blasphemy.

This is not a superstitious little ritual.  This is a powerful claiming of your home, your child, and all aspects of his life for God.  It's standing up and proclaiming, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" (Joshua 24:15).  It's saying, "My home is sanctified and set apart for God's glory".

Let's start our spiritual housecleaning by praying though our children's rooms even before the need arises.

Stormie's words above are very powerful!  Wow!  I encourage you to purchase this book if you do not own it already.  It is a great investment into the lives of our children.  I refer to mine all the time and have for many many years now. 


  1. Jen - you have a beautifully homey blog here that is packed to the gills with encouraging content!!!

    I love it!!! Keep writing and keep shining!!
    Courtney :)

    1. Thank you Courtney for stopping by! I really appreciate your sweet comment.

  2. This is one of my most FAV books ever! Thanks for sharing. I recommend that every parent picks up a copy.

  3. Stopping by from Time-Warp Wife. I'm ashamed to say I've had this book for a few years and still haven't read it. We are going through something similar here with our 12 & 9 year old girls. I allowed them to have posters of a popular boy band in their room and now am trying to undo some issues that have stemmed from that. This post is reminding me how important it is to pray over every part of their lives. Will be reading this asap!

  4. I must get this book asap! My daughter is only 2 but I understand the power of prayer..the earlier the better! Although, thank God it's never too late!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty


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