No More Barely Enough.

Despite  all of my many written routines, cleaning charts, schedules, and lists I have found myself in a state of doing Barely Enough.  

What do I mean by barely enough?  Basically doing just barely enough to get by.  Laundry has been done on an "as needed" basis.  Grocery shopping has consisted of many quick trips to pick up stuff for dinner today or breakfast tomorrow.  Menu's and actual grocery lists haven't existed.  House work has been done in a mad dash during the hour before my husband arrives home from work.  

If I was working a job outside of my home where I had to clock in, work a certain amount of time and actually show progress in my work - I would be FIRED!  

I am thankful that my husband is a patient man.  Patient with me and the lack of progress going on inside of our home.  I am not sure exactly why I been this way lately.  Lazy, I guess.   What  I do know is the lack of organization and having things in order is really stressing me out.  Also, the Lord has really been dealing with me about how well I have been taking care of my home.  I definitley have not been doing everything heartily as unto the Lord.  Don't misunderstand, we are not living in a pig pen but the busy-ness of life the past few months has resulted in extra clutter piles and a lot of routine maintainence being neglected.   

Just the other day this was the scene as I sat on my porch with my family binder, notebook and some old printed off notes from Fly Lady trying to re-vamp my daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning plans.  My husband joked and asked why I was reading Fly Lady when all I really needed to do was go get out Mr. Clean.  lol  He was right but I like having a plan, a list to go by.  I just work better when I do.  Having a plan that works is the key though.  So get ready as I soon will be re-posting my cleaning plans and schedules.  No more barely enough! 
What about you?  Do you like to have lists and a written plan for what you want to accomplish each day, week and month in your home?  Do you stick to them?


  1. We've been doubly busy lately and I've been sitting at "barely enough" myself with the excuse that I'm just tired. But today's a new day. The busy is slowing down and Mom is heating up! Good luck with your catch up!

  2. Need to grab a family binder myself ...

    I would love to see other moms splashed as well. We could use your ideas. Your tips. Your stories. Your photos. Your anything mom.

    I compose some notes on Monday. I get the momma schedules. So hop over any day of the week (think link up whenever it works best for you) and join us. Real moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a momma melody.

    Splashin' Momma,

  3. Oh, I have too have been there! And I look forward to hearing how God leads you in this area. (I'm a list maker too!)

  4. Some days (weeks?) are just that way. I am so very thankful for a patient husband, too! I really rely on lists to keep me on track, looking forward to seeing yours! :)

  5. Loved your husband's comment, lol! I love my list and schedules. Sometimes I work off my regular cleaning schedule list and then sometimes I love getting back into "the box," meaning my chore cards.

    Thanks for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party!

  6. Thanks for splashing with us and linking up to splash other mommas as well.

    Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.

    Be blessed bunches,

  7. I have periods of time when I feel exactly like your post describes. It is not a good feeling but I give myself grace and pray through it, no matter how long it takes. My husband too is a patient man and I appreciate that he picks up the slack when I have those days when I just can't mentally get life together for my family. But when those times are over I am know it was only the strength of the Lord that carried me through and gave me renewed energy as a homemaker. Blessings to you! Love, Rachael @ Inking the Heart

  8. Story of my life. I try and try to set up a schedule and it lasts about a day, a week if I'm lucky. I have always been at "barely enough" forever. But I keep trying. Thank you for the encouragement.

  9. No more barely enough for me and my home either. Thank you. Over a year ago you wrote what I am feeling today. Tomorrow change begins!


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