Will Your Adult Children Want To Spend Time With You?

A while back in one of our couples classes at church I remember the leaders of our class asking this question and it really stuck with me. "Will your adult children want to spend time with you? Will they want to come home?" Seriously think about that for a moment. Will your adult children want to come home and spend time with you? When we are raising our children everything doesn't have to be perfect at home. They don't have to always be showered with gifts. Everything doesn't always have to go their way (in fact, it shouldn't).

It is our job as good parents to make sure they always feel loved, always feel wanted, and always feel important. The way we treat our children today is more than likely a direct result of the way we were raised ourselves. Many of us have had wonderful childhoods and were raised with a tremendous amount of love and family togetherness and that way of life seems to just oooze from us onto our own children.  To continue reading head on over to "A Heart For The Home" blog where I am contributing today. 

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