Modern Life Study Bible - A Review

A while back I was contacted by a Publishing Company and asked to once again review one of Thomas Nelson's Study Bibles.  

I was not paid for my review or compensated in any way other than I was blessed with a copy of the Bible to review and allowed to keep it for my own personal study.

The Modern Life Study Bible is written in the New King James version which is one of my favorite Bible translations to read.  For those of you who may not know what the NKJV is, simply put it is very similar in wording to the KJV that so many people love but it changes up some of the old English terminology more into the way we speak today.  

This Bible is BEAUTIFUL.  It is very appealing to the eye with colorful maps and study helps on nearly every single page.  It is packed full of awesome stuff.  

There are 6 different things to look for as you read through this beautiful Bible. 

Book Introduction Pages:  Each book of the bible has an introduction page that gives a brief overview of the entire book and a section with key events, people or verses.  

Focus Articles and Insight Articles:  These articles give you a little better look into what you are reading and the history behind it.   

Person Profiles:  One of my favorites are the person profiles.  These give you a quick up close look at the people you are reading about.  It tells you things like where they were from, who they were, what they were best known for and so on.  

Place Profiles:  Place profiles give you the history of where you are reading about.

Life Studies:  Throughout this Bible you will see Life Studies.  These tell stories about real life Christians and their life struggles as they lived their lives for God.  

Overall I really like this Bible but I do have one complaint about it. I like my Bibles to have the Words of Jesus in red and with this being a study Bible I would have thought that would have been the case but unfortunately it is not. It does however have a nice amount of information and study helps without overloading you.  I would definitely recommend this Bible to a someone.  

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