Money Saving "Foamy" Soap Refill

It's a new year and I figured a good way to start it off was by saving us all a little money. 

I have seen this on pinterest, on a blog I follow and a sweet dear friend also told me about it so I am well aware it is not a new thing but until a few short months ago I was totally unaware you could do this.  I love saving money.  I love making my own cleaners and such.  This is an awesome idea that really does stretch your hard earned dollar.  Try it.  I bet you will love it too.

It is really very simple.  Take an empty foamy hand soap dispenser and add any kind of gel hand soap to it - about 1 " worth.  Then fill the rest up with water.  Replace the lid and shake slightly until the soap and water are mixed and voila you have a full foamy hand soap bottle again. 

You could actually do this with any type of "foamy" soap.  Dawn has a foamy dish soap or any type of foamy body wash, etc...

Do you have any thrifty "refill" idea's that you would like to share??


  1. Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Thursday, Jen! My soap pump is almost empty so I need to try this again--last time it didn't turn out so well but I'll give it another shot :)

    1. Hi Jenn, Let me know how it goes this time. I LOVE it! Make sure you use the gel kind of soap not sure how the other would do.

  2. I love foamy soap. I have no idea why. There's just something so fun about it, lol!


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