Having the Motivation for Proper Body Care

Having the Motivation for Proper Body Care

First of all in this chapter of Stormie's book she is talking about praying for proper body care.  Mostly what she covers in this chapter is about praying for our children to maintain healthy eating habits and to establish and keep a good exercise routine.  I agree with her whole hearted on this subject but I have one small problem with writing a blog post about it.  I am not a good leader when it comes to this area.  My menu's are based on what I can feed my family that cost the least amount of money and not necessarily what is the healthiest and as of right now I currently am doing zero exercise.  :(  I have gone on healthy eating spurts and I have joined gyms, did couch to 5k programs and exercised at home in the past.  I bought an elliptical and a tread mill once upon a time and various work out video's but to be honest I have never kept up with it. 

I will say this, I am starting this new year with new goals of working out, I have established a support system with a couple friends and I am going to pray not only for my children but for myself to have the determination and discipline to stick with it. 

I am taking baby steps with this and I am going to try to establish routines, one at a time starting with exercise and hopefully leading in to some better and more healthy eating habits for myself, my husband and my children.

Will you pray for us please?  Do you and your family eat healthy and exercise?  Do you have any suggestions or ideas that you think would be helpful to us in this area?

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  1. We try to eat whole foods and always have, even when budgets were tighter. It is quite a challenge. As for exercise, it has change as our family's interest, ages and finances have changed. From simply walking, outdoor play, to hiking or swimming...even actuall fitness classes. I think the key is portion, produce, and plenty of activity.


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