Money Savers for the Stay at Home Mom Part 2 - Readers Comments

I thought it would be cool to post all the ways that you, my readers have commented that you save or make money.  If you didn't get a chance to read my first post about this click here.  This list is from you, my reader!  Thanks for your input and for the great ideas.

  • Recycling bottles and cans.
  • Yard sales.
  • Selling jewelry I no longer needed.
  • We are currently looking at getting Netflix and dropping cable. 
Note from Jen:  We have NEVER had cable or any type of dish service.  My husband and I can not justify spending that kind of money on television.  We use an outdoor antenna to pick up local channels.  About 18 months ago when we finally were able to get slow high speed Internet - we live in the sticks - we opted to pay the $7.99 each month for Netflix.  I highly recommend it.  Lots of cute shows and cartoons for the kids and a lot of educational ones too not to mention all the movies.
  • I have saved quite a bit of money by cutting our sons hair myself.
Note from Jen:  Didn't think of this one when I did my original post but we too cut my boys hair and my husbands hair from home and have for years.  The price of a good pair of clippers is equal to what we would pay for 3 hair cuts.
  • Borrowing books and DVDs from the library.
  • Planting a garden .
Note from Jen:  We also plant a garden.  You can do this even if you don't have a place to do a large one.  You could do a container garden if space is limited. 
  • Babysitting.
Note from Jen:  I have in the past done this as well from time to time.
  • I mend and alter clothes whenever possible, instead of buying new. It's often possible to turn something old into something else wearable or useful.
  • Bartering.
  • I don't use paper products (besides cheap toilet paper in my house-we use cloth napkins, rags, real silverware, plates and cups.
Note from Jen:  Another thing I wanted to mention is selling products from home.  There are so many things you could do like Avon, Mary Kay, Thirty One, Scentsy and so on.

Keep the comments coming.  If you are just now reading these posts and have other great ideas I invite you to please share.  We all love hearing good ideas! 


    1. Wow! Such great ideas. I recently did a blog myself on saving money (called "Frugal and Fancy" at I was really happy to hear some more tips in the comments too. Like Grocery shopping with a microsoft excel list that is printable every week. Like buying meat in bulk from certain places, and dividing it for th week (we also do that one!) and many more!
      Anyway, great that we can share/learn insights through our blogs and be better stewards of what we've been entrusted :)
      Thanks for sharing!
      PS I am a new-ish follower! Really enjoying your blog!

      1. Rach, thanks for your comment and for following my blog. I am glad you are enjoying it. I used to use a printed list for shopping and recently have been working on another one. It really does help. I will be checking out your posts later tonight.

    2. I haven't done a frugal post in awhile but I have done several of them in the past, and a post on what WE do to save money.

      We didn't have cable then, we do now but only because my mom wanted it and offered to pay for it (she lives with us). We are considering dropping it and getting Neflix too. We have Netflix on a free one month trial basis right now.

      We had dial up and never paid for internet until our boys grew up and went to college, then we considered it a necessary part of their education, as the computer was just too slow and taking longer for them to write their papers, etc.

      Our cell phone bill is something like $20 every three months, but it's nothing fancy and we only get a small amount of texts and after that we have to start paying.

      Anyway, I love frugality and really need to do a frugal post again sometime!

      Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing" linky party today! :)


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