I FOUND MY NOTES - Blogging Blunder Fixed!

If you read my posts frequently you may have read about my blogging blunder a couple weeks ago and how I lost all of my notes from my iPod. Many of these notes contained blog post ideas and even blog posts completely written out. I was upset. No, I was furious that they just up and disappeared. I googled the problem and found that I was not alone.

Many of you commented and let me know I was not alone. I was overwhelmed at the love and support and encouragement offered by you, my friends. You lifted me up when I was down, encouraged me to keep going when all I wanted to do was quit and you prayed for me. I asked for prayer and you prayed for me. What an honor to know that fellow bloggy friends had my back and were whispering sweet prayers to Jesus - for me. I stand humbled and amazed.

When my notes disappeared I googled the problem and found several ideas for recovering them but to be honest many seemed like more trouble than they would be worth (assuming they might work) and most seemed questionable at best. My sister in law left me a comment on Instagram and said she had this happen with her notes a while back as well.  One day when she was looking around on her email account she found a folder titled "notes" and upon opening it there she found all of her missing notes. So I looked (from my iPod) and I had no folder titled notes at all. I checked all folders and boxes anyway just to be sure but found nothing. I thanked her for the idea and that was that.

Last night I finished yet another blog post on my iPod and emailed it to myself for safe keeping.  I immediatley went back to my notes to email another and they were gone AGAIN. All of them, just like the first time. Panic struck and quietly I vowed to myself that I hated Apple products and that I would never ever again use the notes on my iPod, EVER.

Back to google I went and a forum popped from my search  so I began reading. Someone experiencing the same thing as me but with their iPhone, not iPod was asking how to find their notes.  Someone suggested that they look in their email account for a folder titled, yep you guessed it, NOTES. So this time I logged into my account on my computer instead of my iPod and opened my folder file and there right before my eyes was the folder titled NOTES.  I opened the folder and found ALL of my notes from both this time and the last. All my lost lists, notes, ideas for my blog and yes even those fully typed blog posts.  Let me just tell ya that last night I was doing a happy dance!  I have no idea why this happened TWICE, but it did.  

God is so good to me! He gets all the Glory here. He is so much better to me than I deserve in all things.  Anyway I wanted to give an update and thank you for prayers.  I also wanted to let you know if you have ever found yourself in this position to look in your email account (logged in from a computer) and look for a folder titled "NOTES". 
Let me know, has this ever happened to you?


  1. NO it has not. Because, well because I do dislike Apple and don't own one ;)
    I recently moved all of my notes and ideas to one book (paper) and therefore I no longer lose stuff. Before that, I was actually throwing them away by mistake at times oops :)

  2. AWESOME!!!! I am so excited you found them. Praise God for restoring all your hard work!!

  3. YAY!! I'm so glad you found them! I can understand your frustration and am happy for you that the problem has been solved! I also like the changes you've made on the blog! I love pink, but this layout is very pretty also!

    1. Thanks Jess. I liked the pink also but wanted to make my own header with a few of my personal pics so I changed it up a bit. Who knows I may change it again, lol - I like that I can do that. :)

  4. Praise God you found them :D Thats great news. I love the pictures on your header, very home-y.



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