Is Social Media Taking Over Family Time?

Modern technology is amazing. I mean think about it for a minute. At no other time in history have people been so connected with one another. Information travels from one person to the next at record breaking speed. 


When I was first married cell phones were the coolest thing. Not the kind we have now, the kind that were mounted on the inside of your vehicle. When my oldest son was born, cell phones had evolved somewhat and were something that you could carry with you. They were HUGE but you could carry them with you. Email was a neat way to contact friends and family to stay updated on the latest family news.

Today, just a few short years later we live in the age of self portraits, likes and status updates. Many of us live out our lives day by day to our readers, followers, family and friends.

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  1. This bothers me!! You are so right!! By the time children are teenagers the amount of time a mother spent on social media while they were growing up will come back to haunt her. Children have a way of pointing out of shortcomings when they are teenagers and by that time we have lost the relationship we wished we had.


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