Compass Study Bible - A Review

Recently I was asked to review the new Compass Study Bible by Thomas Nelson publishers.  This Bible is due to be released in early February 2014.  I was given a copy of this Bible to keep in return for my review of the product.  I was not told that my review had to be positive, only that it should be honest. 

This Bible is advertised as The Study Bible For Navigating Your Life.  It has many features that most of us have come to love in other versions and translations of the Bible such as:

*  In-text notes that include cultural, historical, theological, and devotional
    thoughts.  Notes are easy to understand and help give a better look at what
    the scripture is talking about. 

*  Introductions at the beginning of each book

*  Yearly Bible reading plan

*  Topical Guides to Scripture and notes

*  In-text maps plus several maps in the back of the Bible

The Compass Study Bible is written in the voice translation.  The Voice is a new and according to the publisher "a different sort of translation".  The Voice combines the relative strengths of scholars who are experts in the original languages along with modern writers, musicians, and poets who are skilled in their use of English, the target language of this translation.  It was their goal to make this version both "beautiful" and "readable" to an English-speaking audience.  The Voice is a combination of a word for word and a thought for thought translation. 


Overall I am satisfied with this Bible.

The Voice translation is easy to read and understand.  I would say they definitely have reached their goal of having a translation that is both beautiful and readable.   I am a mom of teenage boys and I believe this version will be great for teens and also new believers because of its easiness to read and understand.  This study Bible is not loaded down with study notes like some study Bibles but yet is has enough notes to help the reader understand what is going on without overwhelming them. 

Something that is different about The Voice translation when comparing it with really any other translation I have read is that The Voice is written like a script to a play.  It is broken down into specific parts so there is no question as to who is speaking.

One of my favorite features is the road map to Gods promises section in the front of the Bible. There are several pages worth of topics concerning things that we face each and every day from being depressed, not satisfied, when you are experiencing fear to finding the will of God and many more.  While most people have access to the Internet to look up scriptures on any topic they can think of I like this being in the front of the Bible because the Internet is not always available. This list is handy and right with you when you are having your quiet time.


As I stated above, I was not asked to give a positive review.  I was asked to give an honest review so here are a couple of things I have found about this Bible that I didn't particularly like:

The amount of study helps and notes written throughout the pages are very minimal compared to most study Bibles. 


All throughout this version of the Bible God is referred to as "The Eternal One" or "Eternal".  According to the publisher this is done to carry on the church's long-standing tradition of reverence for God and His name.  I understand what they are trying to convey to the reader and as a Christian I know the importance of holding the name of God and Jesus in high regard but for me reading "Eternal" or "The Eternal One" took away the personal side of my Heavenly Father God.  My Abba Father or daddy God.  It made Him seem untouchable and distant.

Since I already own a couple different study Bibles I plan on giving this one to my 15 year old because I think it will be a great help to him in understanding God's Word.  I personally enjoy a few more "notes" in my Study Bibles than this one has to offer but like I said earlier I believe the fact that this Bible is not loaded down with study notes like some tend to be it will make a perfect fit for teenagers and new believers. 

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