Make a Family Binder

(This is a picture of mine with a generic cover slipped in the front.)

I am a little late on starting to post my favorite things that keep my family organized due to being without electricity at our home for 8 days.

  I will say there are several things that could fall into the number one spot in my opinion for the best organizing tool for our family.  However, I have picked our family binder to start with.  I love my family binder.  You can call it your family binder, control journal, household management book, a household binder or whatever name you want.   

The purpose of having a "family binder".

It's simple - It keeps me better organized! 

Here are a few things I want you to know about having a "family binder".

*  You can make it as detailed or as simple as you like
*  My family binder has changed many times through the years 
*  You can use a notebook, a 3 ring binder like me, a day planner, etc...
*  Some people have multiple binders (I sort of do and will explain later) 
*  You can make your own binder pages and inserts on your computer or find tons free online to print  (or just use plain notebook paper)
*  Your binder is meant to be a help to you and your family not a burden - so if keeping up with one is a lot of trouble to you, DON'T do it.  We all have to do what is helpful to our individual family needs. 

Building your "family binder".

I use a 1 1/2 - 2 inch 3 ring binder. 
Tabbed dividers that have pockets in them and are erasable.  (I don't have to buy new ones each time my binder needs to be updated)
I have a combination of free online printables (google search "family binder or family organizer printables), homemade pages, notebook pages and various handouts or print outs that pertain to the particular topic it is filed behind. 

Some of my tabs include:

Sports for each of my children
School for each of my children
Home Blessing
Special Days and Holidays
Vehicle Maintenance
Home Maintenance
Needs / Wants

As you can see the possibilities are endless as to what you can include in your binder.  You need to sit down and think of what is important to you and what things you want to be better organized in.  My tabs change from time to time as I go through different seasons of my life. 

You can also search You Tube for video's on how to create one if you need a little more information.

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  1. It would be really great to have your own style of family ring binders. It sweet reminiscing things with those pictures you would collect. I wanna try this one.


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