My 35 Birthday Blessings!

Today, I turn 35 years old.  I am not sure where I thought I'd be at 35, what I'd be doing or what exactly my life would look like at this point but I rest assured that I am right where the Lord has placed me for this particular season. 
I was reminded the other day of a song that I learned as a child and I sang it to my son on our way home from something (sorry Jamey that you had to listen - haha).

Count your blessings, name them one by one
Count your blessings, see what God has done
Count your blessings, name then one by one
Count your many blessings, see what God has done

So, to that I give you a list of 35 things blessings that I am thankful for.        (The first few are in order but after that they are in no particular order.)

  1. My Jesus, My Salvation - without Him my future would look pretty bleak
  2. My Husband - A man that Loves the Lord first, then me.  My best friend. He's the smartest man I know and he can do, make, build or fix anything 
  3. Joey - My first born.  A talented young man, a leader that excels in all he does. 
  4. Jamey - My baby.  A smart young man, full of compassion with a tender heart the size of Texas. 
  5. My parents - both who love me like crazy and aren't afraid to show it.
  6. My 3 brothers and their families - God truly has placed a special kind of love in my heart for you.
  7. This Country, The USA - though it is not perfect, We are a Blessed Nation.
  8. Our Military - thank you for my freedom.
  9. My Church.  Best Church in the World.  God placed us here!
  10. My Pastor and His beautiful wife.  My Spiritual Parents, both have taught me more about the Lord and living for Him than anyone, anywhere, anytime in my life EVER!
  11. My extended family.  There are A LOT of you CrAzY people and I love you all!
  12. My friends.  Life long oldies, church friends and newbies.
  13. Our Home.  It's been a LONG journey to get it, but Thanks to God - It's Ours (even if we aren't finished with it yet).
  14. Our vehicles.  They may not be the newest or the best but they get me where I need to go without walking! 
  15. My husbands job.  God is our Source but He provided the job.
  16. Getting to be a STAY AT HOME MOM.  I don't take this job lightly, it is my ministry to my family and I realize what a blessed woman I am to have this opportunity.
  17. Health and Healing - bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus.
  18. The beauty of God's creation with 4 distinct beautiful seasons.
  19. The ability to learn "new" things.
  20. The lessons I have learned in my past that make me stronger today.
  21. My mom's Roast with potatoes and carrots!  My FAVORITE.
  22. Diet Pepsi - my guilty pleasure, oh Yea!
  23. Central heat and air!  If you have lived with out it for 33 of your 35 years you know what I mean.
  24. New Tennis Shoes - My first new pair in about 6 or 7 years.
  25. Full moon nights.  Just something about them I love.
  26. The ability to cook - at least I think I can, haha
  27. My awesome pets.
  28. My camera - because I love to take me some pictures!
  29. Modern appliances.  Dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, stove, etc..
  30. To live out in the "country".  Def not a city girl. 
  31. Makeup and Hair color to cover my gray.  To quote Pastor "every old barn needs a new coat of paint sometimes".  LOL 
  32. My BIBLE or should I say Bibles.  I love to dig into God's Word.  I love to read them and mark them up with my notes.
  33. Speedway Wild Cherry Slushies, a new found love. 
  34. Facebook - It's how I keep up with my family.
  35. That my boys are smarter, more talented and gifted and have more drive and determination than I ever had at their age.  They have the favor of God at work in them.

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