Dollar Tree Favorites

The following is a list of my 15 favorite things to buy at the Dollar Tree. If you have never been you need to stop in and check it out. And always keep in mind that while some things like I am listing below pretty much stay the same, there are a lot of items that change and while you may see it there today it may not be there the next time you visit.

Foil pans - disposible (good for baking to bless others or freezing baking)
Containers and baskets for organizing your home and/or storing food
Balloons - helium for parties or gifts
Gift bags
Tissue paper
Wrapping paper
Photo paper - I use this all of the time and it really is good quality
Shower gel/body wash
Hand soap
Hand sanitizer
Tooth brushes
Candy - Going to the movies?  Stop in here and get your goodies much cheaper. 
Brims butter popcorn - tastes like movie popcorn but BETTER and the EVEN BETTER PART is that it is made by a Christian company.  The Utz brand also tastes good but the bag is smaller. 
Goo gone

Picture frames

Not to mention an amazing selection of seasonal decorations, treats and prizes for use at home, school or in your Sunday school class, pool/water toys for summer and trinkets to set around.

They also sell food and have a growing number of name brand items.  And now they take coupons for those name brand items.
Are you a Dollar Tree Shopper? 


  1. I wish we had a dollar tree where I live, I hear great things about it! I am in Nova Scotia, so we have dollarama.

  2. I am driving by a Dollar Tree later this morning and I am going to stop in. I'll let you know what I get because you just gave me some really great ideas!

    1. Kasey I am excited to hear what good deals you find.


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