Snow in the Mountain State

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, we are getting our first snow of the year on October 30th.  Our ground is still pretty warm so a lot of the snow is actually melting as it falls but it is coming down so fast that some is accumulating.  It is a heavy wet snow and as of 6 am when I snapped this picture we had between 1 - 2 inches and it is still falling. I will add a pic a little later when it gets daylight out.  Our mountain range is having a blizzard right now.  I am thankful to not live up there. 
Our kids started off on a delay but by 7 am school is now officially closed for the day.  First snow day of the school year!  Woohoo! 

While the snow is cool to have in October and a snow day is always welcome, at least at my house it is no fun for people like my husband to have to get out in this and drive to work.  Asking for prayers because while the snow is beautiful it is heavy and wet and sticking to electric lines and tree's.  Our neighbors electric line going into their house is down and I have heard several tree's falling close by from the weight of the snow.  Also praying for the people further north and east than we are that are having a blizzard, flooding from rain and power outages.
I thought this pic that I took from my front porch was neat.  My "fall" sunflowers on my porch with the "winter" snow scene in the back ground.
Praying you all have a blessed day. 

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