17 Years and Counting

On Saturday my husband and I celebrated 17 years of marriage.  We both feel like it's been longer (in a good way). lol  It really is hard to remember life before we were together.  We have been blessed with a great marriage.  Is it perfect?  Uhm, no but we love each other more today than we ever even knew was possible 17 years ago. 

We celebrated by going on a date.  We went out to dinner ALONE, all by ourselves.  Our boys are not babies but we rarely go somewhere that we don't take them with us.  I mean after all that is why I became a parent so I could spend time with my kids.  But I realize that sometimes daddy and mommy just need a little alone time.  So we did, we went on a date - the first one in probably 2 years.  We went out to eat (and ate way too much) and then ended up at Wal-mart (why that always happens I do not know) but my husband bought me a new skirt and shirt for church so that was pretty exciting.  I definitely think we need to start having date nights occasionally.  It was good just to be alone with my man.
How about you?  Do you and your husband go out on dates?  If so, how often?


  1. Happy, happy anniversary! What a treat to go on a date! We go out on occasion. Mostly we just go for walks though (in the dark once the little kids are sleeping) or for a ride so we can talk uninterrupted (again late in the evening). I hope your date was amazing!!

    1. Thank you Kasey, we had a very nice time.


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