Summer Slump

It's the time of year where schedules shouldn't matter, fun is supposed to abound.  Lazy days spent relaxing pool side, picnicing and doing what we want when we want.  Right???  Apparently it's time to wake up from the fantasy world I am living in.

Because Summer is slipping by once again. Every year I have plans in my head of all the fun and great things I am going to do with my boys over their summer break from school and every year I fail miserably at making those plans a reality. Life gets in the way. Between family reunions, soccer conditioning and practices, church camp, summer mowing jobs for the boys and just normal everyday keeping the house in good working order, the frig and cabinets stocked, dinner on the table and laundry done it really doesn't leave a whole lot of idle time. Late nights turn into lazy days and My plans of going swimming 2 or 3 days a week, going to the free bowling or free movies each week, the local art museum, camping and camp fires along with several other ideas just don't seem to turn out the way I had hoped.


But then I remember back to my childhood and summer vacation. I was always so happy to be out of school for a while that it honestly didn't matter if I did anything but hang out at home, it was fun because I didn't have to wake early and go to school all day. Don't get me wrong either. I liked school and I graduated with honors but everyone needs some time off every now and then.  And as I was lovingly reminded by a dear friend My boys are not complaining so obviously it doesn't matter that much to them and I am sure they are like I was years ago too and I am sure just having a break from the routine that grips our days most of the year is a relief.

I guess I am just in a Summer Slump.  The days are passing by way too fast and another school year is looming on the horizon for my precious boys.  With each passing summer brings the reality to this momma that her little boys are no longer little but are half grown men and I (**tears in my eyes**) am not ready for that.  Not yet.  I just want them to slow down and be "my babies" for a little while longer. 

I do not want to bring anyone down with this post but I am feeling a little sad lately (it hits me every year about this time) but rather I want to encourage you as I am trying hard to encourage myself to make the most of each day with your children whether you homeschool or your kids go to public school - make the most of your days.  And I don't even mean running from here to there trying to fill of their time with activities but rather just really connecting with your kids.  Spend time talking with them and laughing with them.  Sit down for a meal together and unplug from the world if only just for a moment to soak in these precious fleeting moments that are here today but will gone tomorrow.  My bloggy friend Nan from Moms the Word blog says in her about me "My kids were ages one and five just yesterday. I know it. Somehow they just grew overnight."  Her children are now grown young men in their twenties.  I am on the other side of that statement a little bit and I can see the reality of her words very clear that soon I will be where she is and my boys fully grown.  I don't want to look back with regret of not spending every moment possible enjoying my time with them. 


  1. Oh, how I struggle with this. My husband teases that I have attachment disorder and reminds me that one day, Lord willing, they really will be grown and gone from our home...and I will survive. Excellent reminder to stay present in the moment, Jen! Thank you!

    1. Glad to know I am not alone. Lol. I think tht is what makes us good mommies.


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