AWESOME Tub and Shower Cleaner

My mother always said that blue dawn dish liquid was good for just about everything and she was right.  Between it and white vinegar I have an arsenol of money saving homemade cleaners.  Today I am sharing one of my new favorite mixtures. 

Equal Parts of Regular Dawn Dish Liquid and White Vinegar mixed together makes an awesome tub and shower cleaner.  It cuts the soap scum and dirt so easily that you hardly have to put any "elbow grease" into it.  I like to spray it on, leave it set just a couple minutes then use a wet Mr. Clean magic eraser to clean with.   

I mixed mine in a spray bottle and Margo from Joyful Homemaking mixes hers in a dish scrubber wand.  I have been known to just mix mine in a small bowl as well.  This can also be used on appliances, sinks, etc...


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