A Day in the Life of a CrAzY Stay-at-Home Soccer Mom

My alarm is set for 5 am each week day morning.  After a couple slaps of the snooze button my husband and I role out of bed around 5:20 am.  First thing I do is head to the kitchen to pack my husbands lunch for work and fix his breakfast.  I would like to say that breakfast is some huge spread of gravy, biscuits, fried apples, bacon, eggs, etc... and occasionally it is BUT more often than not it is a sausage biscuit I throw together, a piece of banana bread or even a Little Debbie oatmeal cake.  LOL 

My husband leaves for work and I wake my boys up for school at 6 - sometimes by spritzing them with the water bottle (mean, I know!), sometimes by tickling their feet or yelling at them but I try to always be very chipper and wake them up by singing silly wake up songs that usually annoy them enough that they get up just so I will STOP singing.  Hey, whatever works!  :) 

My boys hurry through their getting dressed, eating (usually a bowl of cereal for them), brushing their teeth routine hopefully leaving enough time to read a verse or two in their bibles before heading out the door to catch the bus at the early time of 6:30.  I walk my boys outside and wait with them where I love on them, snuggle on cold mornings and we pray together for God's blessings and protection on their day. 

Now my REAL day begins.  Depending on the day of the week I may be grocery shopping, running errands, working at one of my boys schools, doing laundry, cleaning my house, etc... but before I get busy doing that I try to have my morning bible reading and devotion time and some breakfast for myself.  Most days I eat a granola bar and drink a diet Pepsi driving myself to the days destination spot and read my bible while waiting on one of the boys to finish with their soccer practice or before falling asleep late at night. 

Our evenings are a blur of homework, soccer games, soccer practices, feeding our animals, church and eating dinner (sometimes right before bed - at least through soccer season) and before we know it is time for showers, to pack back packs, read and head to bed so we can be ready for another CrAzY day tomorrow.  Do you know what?  I would not change this season of my life right now for anything because while it is a challenge as we are going through it I know that it will be over entirely too soon and I will long for CrAzY soccer mom days. 

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  1. I know the feeling, even though we aren't playing soccer this fall! blessings
    try these as a cereal replacer - don't think you'll be disappointed!

  2. Liberty, thanks for the recipe - I can't wait to try it. Looks yummy!

  3. Jen, you are sure are buys and you are right, we will soon miss these days we call crazy! Thank you so much for linking up you Day in the Life... hope you'll join us next year!

  4. I loved reading about your typical day! It's fun getting a glimpse into another busy mom's life. I'm in the baby/toddler season right now and dream about the day when I can run errands by myself, but like you I wouldn't trade this season for anything. :)


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