Friendship Bread Baking Day

I have spent a big portion of today baking Friendship Bread.  It is so yummy and delicious.  I baked 6 loaves.  Two of each of the following - Plain (which is more like a cinnamon bread), Apple Cinnamon and Cinnamon Streusal and I have one starter to keep for myself and one to pass along to a friend.  You can freeze the bread (which is what I am doing with some) and have it anytime you want a snack. 

                                      Left side is the Plain Batch and Right side is the Cinnamon Streusal
                                                            Apple Cinnamon is still baking.

Here is the direct link to the recipe and all the different variations you can make.  Thank you Ma Bacon for sharing!

Friendship Bread Recipe and Baking Variations


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