My Version of Zuppa Toscana Soup

Zuppa Toscana Soup from Olive Garden  (My Version)

1 pound Italian sausage
1 pound bacon
5 pounds of potato’s
5 or 6 chicken bouillon cubes
3 or 4 cloves of garlic
1 large onion
Heavy whipping cream (at least 2 cups)
Salt and pepper
Red pepper flakes

** Cook sausage until done breaking it into small crumbles as it cooks. Drain and set aside.

** Cook bacon, drain and set aside.

** Chop potato’s and onion and put in a large pot with water. Add in bouillon cubes and garlic cloves and cook until potato’s are tender but not mushy.

** Add crumbled sausage and bacon into soup mixture. Simmer about 10 minutes.

** Add Kale and cream to pot.

** Season with salt and pepper and red pepper flakes if you want to add a little heat.

** Heat thoroughly and enjoy!

This is great served with a salad and breadsticks for a complete meal.

You can also make this in your crockpot so it is ready for you when you get home. Just make the bacon and sausage ahead of time and refrigerate. Add in your bacon, sausage, cream, kale about 30 minutes before you are ready to eat.


  1. This recipe makes a HUGE pot by the way but my boys and I LOVE it and we eat it up rather quickly. Let me know if you make it and what you think about it. :)


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