Ready, Set, Go!

Do you ever just feel like your in a race and life is speeding by so fast that you barely have time to breathe?

Lately, that is how things have been for me.  I am feeling more scatter brained with each passing day. 

Our normal daily routine is about to kick into high gear as the new school year quickly rushes towards us. 

As I have said before I am a stay-at-home mom but I will be volunteering one day a week in the high school office and at the middle school where my youngest will be attending I am starting my fourth year as the Parent Volunteer Coordinator which is basically a volunteer that works closely with the county, school and parents. 

Each year at this time I begin to think about my new daily and weekly routine and I try to map out our school year.  This time my oldest son is playing high school sports so that adds a lot of extra running to the mix.  Until now both boys have played on youth and recreational leagues which take up way less time than school sports. 

I am praying for God to help me make the most of each day and to get everything completed that I need to.  Ephesians 5:16 says  making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.

My brain works best with organization so this week before school starts back here are some things that I am working on to get our school year off and running with a great start:

  1. Making a master list(s) of things I need to do both at home and at the school
  2. Writing in my personal planner and also our family calendar - adding things like the school calendar, sports schedules and other misc. things I know will be coming up such as family gatherings and church events
  3. Sitting down with paper and pen and jotting down my basic weekly cleaning plan and my basic weekly routine for example what day I will clean, grocery shop and run errands, etc...
  4. I am making a detailed prayer list for this school year for each child like Stormie Omartian talks about in her book The Power of a Praying Parent.
What kind of things do you do as the fall approaches and the new school year starts to get you organized and help you to stay on top of things?

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  1. A routine is so important for me too. I recently updated my Home Management Notebook and feel so much more organized and things flow so much better.


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