Clean Hairspray Residue From Bathroom Surfaces

I know I am probably not the only person in the world that this happens to.  Hairspray build up on the flat surfaces in my bathroom.  On my sink and floor mostly.  Even with regular cleaning and daily wiping of the sink over time the hairspray, because it dries quickly builds up.  Lately I was noticing that my sink top was a little rough feeling and didn't have the shine to it that it once did.  Regular cleaners were not removing it. 
So, how did I fix it?  Rubbing Alcohol. 
I took a cotton ball and saturated it with rubbing alcohol and then rubbed it all over my sink top.  It took away all the hairspray residue and left it smooth and shiny again. 
It worked like a charm and was quick and cheap.
Do you ever have to clean hairspray residue from your bathroom surfaces or am I the only one?


  1. Oh no, you're not alone! I have to deal with it too! The rubbing alcohol works really well on the mirrors too! ;)

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    1. Yes It does work on mirrors. I use alcohol to make my glass cleaner with!

  2. I was just wondering about a way to clean the hairspray buildup off of my curling irons and other utensils!! I bet this works. I'm going to give it a try! Thanks!!

    Jerri @

    1. I know it will clean your curling irons, I have used it for that too. If it is really bad it make take a bit of time and you may have to scrub it with something too.

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