Teens and Dating - What Exactly Does "Hanging Out" Mean Anyway?

When approaching my husband and I about dating one of the questions we were asked was "Could we hang out".  And then again my son would ask, "mom can we hang out?  she just wants to hang out". 

So, being the clever mom I am I asked him "What exactly does hanging out mean anyway?"

My sons response, "I don't know". 

If you do not know what hanging out means or what you will be doing while hanging out then why in the world do you think we would allow you to do it? 

Hanging out could mean: 
sitting on the couch watching tv
taking a walk
playing a video game
going to the movies
spending time with friends or family

Or it could mean the following possibly combined with any of the above possibilities:
sitting on couch alone together
holding hands
inappropriate touching

I am a mom but what our children forget is that we were once teenagers too.  The same wants, desires and temptations existed then and I see from the end looking backwards where I went wrong.  I see decisions that I made that were not good in any way, not honoring of my parents and definitely not Glorifying to God.  I know what can happen when innocent "hanging out" is the plan.  I am sure that many of you do too.

It is our job as parents to protect our children.  To keep them from harm.  To help them not make the same bad decisions and mistakes that some of us made before them.  Hormones are running wild in teenagers - so wild they are unable to think straight and make good decisions.  It is my job as a mom to help them make good choices.

Please don't take me wrong, it is not that I don't trust my children.  I believe my son when he says he wouldn't do anything he shouldn't BUT I am not so naive to think that things can't just happen.  I believe what he says (he believes it too), but having never been in a situation he doesn't know or fully understand what he is telling me he won't do. 

Do you allow your teens to just "hang out" with their boyfriend or girlfriend?

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  1. Very good question. I think it's important to make kids/teens think. What are your intentions to "hanging out"? We plan to raise our children to hang out in groups or with family. Lots more accountability and protection. Blessings!



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