National Day of Prayer 2013

What exactly is National Day of Prayer?
The National Day of Prayer is a special day set aside in our country where people gather together at churches, schools, courthouses, etc... and publicly pray. Our Country was founded by primarily Christian men and it was and has always been a Nation that is blessed by God. We are a Christian Nation, founded on a belief in THE ONE TRUE GOD. We are blessed to be able to call on the Name of Jesus in a Public Place without fear of retribution.

National Day of Prayer was established by Congress in 1952 and signed into Law by President Harry Truman but The Continental Congress had called for such a day going all the way back to 1775.  In 1988 President Ronald Reagan amended the law to make the National Day of Prayer the first Thursday in May.
The Honorable the Congress having recommended it to the United States to set apart Thursday the 6th of May next to be observed as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer, to acknowledge the gracious interpositions of Providence; to deprecate [to pray or intreat that a present evil may be removed] deserved punishment for our Sins and Ingratitiude, to unitedly implore the Protection of Heaven; Success to our Arms and the Arms of our Ally: The Commander in Chief enjoins a religious observance of said day and directs the Chaplains to prepare discourses proper for the occasion; strictly forbidding all recreations and unnecessary labor.” —George Washington, First President of the United States[10][11]
(Quote taken from Wikpedia) 

The National Day of Prayer task forces mission statement is this:
The mission of the National Day of Prayer Task Force is to mobilize prayer in America and to encourage personal repentance and righteousness in the culture.

This morning I drove my youngest son to school so that I could attend The National Day of Prayer event being held there.  What an honor and a privilege to be able to do such a thing.  I remind my kids often how blessed they are to be able to attend things like this or their Bible Clubs and Prayer Groups.  Not even in America are all schools ok with it.  We are blessed.

I urge you today to take time out to pray.  It doesn't matter if you live in the United States or not.  It also doesn't matter if you are able to attend a public event (although it will bless your heart if you can).  What does matter is that we take some time today and every day to talk with our Heavenly Father.  Take time to call upon the Name of Jesus and pray for our elected leaders, our military, our schools, communities and our children.

Do you attend any Public National Day of Prayer Events?


  1. Love the picture of all those kids observing it. How blessed we are to have that privilege and we need to keep reminding ourselves of that! Love the prayer too.

    Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today.

  2. Thanks for sharing this over at WholeHearted Home. Prayer is just so necessary for our nation. It is good to pray once a year and most importantly each day or often for our country.

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing this!


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